Leveraging healthcare strategy with drug data solutions

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We offer services and tools for healthcare to integrate, monitor and provide actionable insights from drug data.

Do you need to plug in up-to-date and official drug data in your product, service or workflow?
We offer
  • integrated web services, API’s and web applications on drug data from sources such as SAM, EMA, RIZIV/INAMI, FAGG/AFMPS and BCFI/CBIP
  • custom exports in multiple formats (JSON, XML, CSV, Excel, ...) tailored to your scope and goals
  • tools for monitoring changes on the Belgian drug market such as authorization, commercialization, availability, reimbursement, pricing, ...
Do you want to build a drug-related database or leverage your existing data assets by linking them to existing data sources or implementing international standards?
We develop and advise on
  • databases on up-to-date drug data sets
  • mappings to sources such as SAM or EMA or other data sets based on e.g. substances or branded products
  • alignment with standards such as ISO IDMP and SNOMED CT
Do you want to explore, monitor or predict the Belgian drug landscape?
We offer and analyze
  • price graphs and trends by molecule, drug class or therapeutic area
  • views on the latest authorized molecules in Belgium and Europe and the landscape and history of commercialized molecules
  • tailored reports on drug data such as drug shortages and possible alternatives
Do you want to make sure your drugs can be e-prescribed correctly and easily?
We support and troubleshoot with
  • regular checks of prescription names, reimbursement status and other official data used in e-prescription and verification of consistency with your data
  • advice and first-aid for e-prescription errors or gaps
  • daily monitoring of data corrections in official sources
Do you need the history of changes to the official data of your drugs?
We support and troubleshoot with
  • timelines of changes to data such as authorisation, reimbursement, prices, commercialisation
  • reports of SAM/EMA technical history of corrections
  • excerpts of SAM/EMA archives
Do you want to learn how to effectively look up and use open drug data?
We teach
  • how to browse drug data in Belgium and Europe
  • an overview of trusted Belgian sources for drug data
  • with interactive workshops and exercises



We developed a service for the pharmaceutical industry to proactively explore and monitor the drug market and its movements by therapeutic domain to gain competitive advantage through the complete life cycle of an authorized drug

  • build a more competitive strategy from data-driven insights that were previously inaccessible
  • gain efficacy in performing drug data searches and building reports
  • win with a proactive instead of reactive attitude
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SAM viewer

We developed a public web interface on all available SAM data

  • view all drug data provided by the Belgian government
  • new user-friendly interface
  • includes Over-The-Counter and other non-medicinal products
  • query brand names, drugs and firms
  • report feedback to the responsible authority

Farmamonitor - supported by VLAIO

We’re developing an innovative web-based tool for doctors and pharmacists to:

  • explore drug alternatives
  • optimize drug choices
  • monitor changes on the Belgian drug market
  • anticipate bottlenecks related to drug problems such as shortages



BELpREG project
Department of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences

About us

Digile (pronounced /ˈdɪd͡ʒ.aɪl/) is a Belgian digital health tech startup founded in 2020 by pharmacist An Crepel and computer scientist Karel De Loof. Both are passionate about digital innovation in healthcare and have accumulated over 15 years of experience in the field of digital drug information. Their entrepreneurial spirit led them to translating their passion into the founding of Digile.

Karel holds a PhD and Master in Computer Sciences and has over eight years of experience in research and teaching in computer science at the department of Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics and research unit Knowledge-based Systems of Ghent University. After that, he worked seven years as a consultant in the pharmaceutical sector. He obtained additional certification in entrepreneurship, digital leadership and digital product management.

An is a Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences and holds a PhD in Medical Sciences. She is a freelance pharmacist and has worked for eight years in the field of pharmacotherapeutic information and healthcare databases. She has management experience and obtained additional certification in healthcare data literacy.

Digile has the ambition to improve the quality of healthcare by focusing on drug-related data flows.

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